exercises for busy people to refresh you and make you more productive

Do you feel as though you’re too busy to exercise?

Take a look at my favourite free videos of QUICK exercises for busy people, that will refresh you and make you more productive.

Are you like me and you keep putting off taking regular exercise?  You just feel as though you’re too busy to exercise and don’t have time to fit it into your daily routine. I recently decided that this lack of good, regular exercise in my life can’t go on, and went on a mission to find some great free videos of yoga exercises for busy people.  I wanted to find some workouts that would be perfect to do at different times throughout the day, and help with the aches you get in your body from working at a computer all day.

As a busy mum and business owner, doing some quick yoga stretches at home whenever I get the chance is the perfect way for me to exercise.  I don’t really have time to go out to an exercise class or visit a gym. I walk my dogs on the beach most days and go swimming quite regularly, but sometimes I feel like I need to be doing more than that, especially as I spend most of my days sitting at a desk working on a computer.

I find that yoga is the best way to counteract the strain that working on a computer puts on your body.  There are some fantastic exercises to help relieve aches in your back, shoulders and neck, and also for hands and fingers and even eyes.  You really notice the results quickly too.  Yoga stretches and balances leave you feeling calmer, happier, healthier, more energised and more productive.

There are thousands of yoga videos on YouTube to choose from, covering pretty much every type of yoga and exercises for every situation (energising, calming, aching etc).  So (note to self), there really is no excuse to not be exercising regularly!

If you’re feeling the need to start exercising more regularly, take a look below at some of the videos I’ve tried and enjoyed.  I’ve chosen ones that are easy to squeeze into a busy schedule, and there’s even some you can do with your kids. Enjoy!


Quick Exercises for Busy People

1. Morning Yoga

These yoga stretches are great to do at the start of the day, to wake you up and give you the energy and positivity you need for your day ahead.





2. Desk Yoga

If you’re sitting down working on a computer all day, you’ll no doubt feel some stiffness and aches in your body throughout the day, especially in your back, neck and shoulders, and probably hands and fingers too.  These exercises are quick and easy to do while you’re sitting at your desk.




3. Yoga for the Hands

Typing on a computer all day and also using a mobile phone can make your hands, wrists and fingers stiff and aching.  Check out these great yoga exercises that will really help relieve the tension in your hands.



4. Yoga for the Eyes

Staring at a computer or mobile phone puts a big strain on your eyes.  These exercises can help reduce the tension in your eyes and keep them healthy and working well.



5. Stress Relieving Yoga

These stretches are great to do throughout the day or when you’ve finished work, to relieve stress, and help you to wind down and ease into a relaxing evening.




6. Yoga With Kids

If you have children, the exercises above will probably not be as calming as you’d planned, and you might have to opt for these ones instead, where your kids can join in!  (I also need to check out yoga with your cats, as my cats love joining in too)!



(By the way, if you can get your kids to behave as well as the ones in this video, please let me know how you do it!)


7. Nighttime Yoga

Finally, if you’re not too exhausted or busy watching Netflix, these are some great stretches to do before bed, to really wind down after your day and have a lovely peaceful night’s sleep.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of yoga exercises you can do throughout the day, to help relieve the stress and tensions caused by our busy lives, and all the time we spend on computers and mobile phones.

Even if you only manage to do 5 or 10 minutes each day, that’s better than nothing, and you’re going to feel the benefits.

Have you got a favourite quick exercise or a good yoga video you like doing?  Let me know in the comments below. Now I’m on a roll, it would be great to find some new exercises to try.  

I really need to go watch one of these videos now and do some stretches.  My eyes and fingers are aching a lot after writing this post!



QUICK exercises for busy people, that will refresh you and make you more productive.






















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2 Replies to “Quick Exercises for Busy People That Will Leave You Feeling Great”

  1. Hi
    I will admit i am not a lover of exercise, seeing your post may have swayed me a bit, i have never thought about yoga before.
    Do you have to be quite bendy? as my body is not really used to this.
    I like the detailed videos as this will help so much,even yoga for your eyes there is so much you can do with yoga.
    This will help out so much and also looks very interesting, i will deffo give this a try.

    1. I’m definitely not an exercise fanatic either, and really don’t do it enough!  Yoga is great though – it’s not too strenuous and there’s a move to help with nearly every ache or pain you feel in your body.  It’s fantastic for people who sit at a computer all day.  You don’t need to be that bendy – I’m certainly not.  It’s more about stretching and you can adapt the positions to whatever you can manage.  You quickly become more bendy too.  Glad you like the videos and hope you try them out.  You’ll feel great afterwards 🙂

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