Are you struggling to find enough time to market your business online? 

Social media marketing and advertising are essential for promoting your business and finding new clients & customers, but they can take up a huge amount of time.  Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant frees you up to concentrate on serving your customers and growing your business.  


Social Media Management

There's a lot that needs doing to maintain a consistent and professional presence across all of your social media platforms. But you can outsource so much of it, from creating and curating content, researching hashtags, making branded graphics, to engaging with and growing your followers, managing your Facebook groups etc.

These are some of the Social Media tasks I can help you with:

- Sharing your content across all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

- Sourcing/creating content to share - relevant articles, quotes, tips & tricks

- Researching hashtags

- Sourcing images

- Creating branded images

- Facebook group moderation

- Instagram engagement (including engaging with and following new people)

- Creating a content calendar

Online Advertising

Running online ads for your business is such an effective and inexpensive way to generate new leads, but it's a tricky field to navigate successfully if you don't have the time or knowledge.  I can help you get the right ads in front of the right audience at the right time, bringing in new and repeat customers for your business.  I love helping clients to grow their business and get the best ROI from their online ads.

These are some of the Online Advertising tasks I can help you with:

- Facebook Ads

- Google Adwords

- Landing page design

- Sales funnels

- Chatbots

- Retargeting

Island VA Services-Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Running email marketing campaigns strengthens relationships with your existing customers and promotes your brand to potential new customers.  I can help you keep in regular touch with your subscribers, sending out newsletters and strategic marketing campaigns to increase sales. 

These are some of the Email Marketing tasks I can help you with:

- Creating email templates 

- Setting up email automations

- Designing and scheduling newsletters and other updates 

- Managing subscriber lists

Blog Management

There's a lot more to blogging than simply writing a post.  I can help with all of the other time consuming tasks you need to do before publishing your blog posts, as well as marketing them after they have been published. 

These are some of the Blog Management tasks I can help you with:

- Researching (topics, content, keywords)

- Sourcing images

- Proofreading 

- Layout & formatting

- Search Engine Optimization

- Creating Pinterest images

- Promoting blog posts on Social Media

Virtual Assistant Blog Management Services